How to Choose an Alcohol Rehab Center

people going to an alcohol rehab center 

Resolving to Get Sober May Be the Most Important Decision You’ll Ever Make. By Learning to Live Without Drugs and Alcohol, Your Health, Relationships, and Overall Wellbeing Will Flourish. Before You Seek Treatment, Though, It’s Crucial to Take the Time to Research Rehabilitation Centers. Finding the Right Facility Is Often the Key to a Successful Recovery.
An Effective Drug or Alcohol Rehab Center Will Always Tailor Treatments to a Patient’s Individual Needs. But According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (Nida), There Are Over 14,000 Rehabilitation Centers in the United States Alone. With So Many Options, How Do You Know Which One Is Right for You? Here Are a Few Factors to Consider When Making Your Decision.


To Achieve Accreditation, a Rehabilitation Center Must Go Through Intense Scrutiny and Evaluation by an Outside Accrediting Body, Such as the Joint Commission or Carf. Accredited Rehab Centers Have Demonstrated Their Commitment to Effective Treatment and Person-centered Care, and Are Often Held to Higher Standards Than Many State Licensing Programs. When Choosing a Rehab Center for Yourself, Make Sure You Look for These Accreditations. 

Length of Program

Addiction Rehab Takes Time. Not Only Are You Defeating a Physical and Emotional Dependency, but You’re Also Digging Deep to Get to the Root Cause of Your Addiction, and Working Hard to Establish New Habits for a Healthy Life. Nida Reports That Most People Need at Least 90 Days of Treatment for It to Be Effective, and That Longer Treatment Periods Are Associated With Higher Rates of Success.

Location of Facility

Often, a Change of Scenery Can Help You Overcome Addiction. By Placing Some Distance Between Yourself and Old Destructive Patterns and Bad Influences, You Are More Likely to Enjoy Success in Rehab. However, Some People Benefit From Remaining Close to Supportive Family Members Who Can Take an Active Role in Your Recovery. Whether You Would Achieve Better Results by Attending a Rehab Center Close to Home or Traveling to One Far Away Depends on Your Individual Situation.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Many Patients Who Are Dealing With an Addiction Are Often Also Living With an Undiagnosed Mental Health Condition. When Addiction and Mental Illness Fuel Each Other, This Is Known as a “dual Diagnosis.” Treating the Underlying Illness While Partaking in an Addiction Rehab Program Boosts the Chances of Long-term Success. Not All Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers Offer Dual Diagnosis Treatment, So Ask Before Committing to a Program.

Cost of Treatment

The Price Tag on a Quality Rehabilitation Center Can Be Quite High, Though It Varies Based on the Length of the Program, the Location of the Facility, and the Treatments Provided. Many Reputable Centers Accept Insurance and Offer Flexible Payment Plans to Assist With Financing.

Alvarado Parkway Institute Is a Trusted Addiction Rehab Center

If You’re Looking for an  Alcohol Rehab Center in San Diego, Alvarado Parkway Institute Can Help. With Our Highly Trained Staff and Accreditation by the Joint Commission, We’re Dedicated to Providing Patients With Innovative, Individualized Care and Delivering Integrated Treatment for Both Psychiatric and Addictive Disorders.

Call Us Today at (619) 667-6125 and Get on the Road to Recovery. A New, Fulfilling Life Is Waiting for You on the Other Side of Treatment.