Alvarado Parkway Institute has served the San Diego community for over thirty-five years.  As the leading provider of chemical dependency services,  helping people get sober and stay sober has been a part of our mission throughout that time.  We believe that those suffering from chemical dependency problems can be helped to recover.  API's Choose Recovery Program is the starting point for many who are ready to make a change in their lives and overcome the devastating challenges associated with addiction. 

A team of dedicated physicians and allied health professionals is available to provide inpatient services for adults  suffering from addictive disorders. Detoxification, family therapy, individual psychotherapy, intensive group therapy, and aftercare planning are offered. Hospital-approved medication protocols are utilized to ensure safe detoxification. Efforts are made to make the detoxification process as comfortable as possible.

The philosophy of the Chemical Dependency Intensive Outpatient Program is centered on individual responsibility, understanding brain and behavior, addiction education, stabilization, relapse prevention, support and the provision of the necessary tools to improve the individual’s quality of life. 

The mission of the Intensive Outpatient Chemical Dependency Program is to provide  intensive treatment  to break the behavioral cycle of addiction.  While our main focus is on addiction, we work  with clients to identify  co-occurring issues that may interfere or complicate the recovery process.   We help clients develop new adaptive coping skills in a comprehensive coordinated  team approach. 

Goals for treatment are to help clients:

  • establish a support system
  • restore a  level of functioning
  • improve quality of life