What El Cajon Patients are Saying About API’s Outpatient Services Program


Patient Feedback:  We welcome your comments and suggestions about what we can do differently to improve.

API has helped me so much in so many different aspects of my life – AND – I have practiced them throughout my life.
— Jeffrey R.
This program has progressed since the last time I was here.
— Jamilyn G.
This program is truly helpful and positive and we get treated by the staff very well.
— Anonymous
I think API has improved tremendously over this past year. Thank you!
— Laura K.
The mental health workers are very helpful.
— Nancy S.
The program is good meets my goals that I can come up with and suggestions given to me.
Brittany is # 1 as a treatment coordinator
— Anonymous
Just keep keeping it interesting.
— Kurt T.
MJ is very helpful.
— Anonymous
Brooke has been wonderful and majorly so helpful and awesome for me.
— Anonymous
Do you feel the program provides a safe place to receive care and treatment? Answer – Yes! MJ is a great TC. She really has my back and holds me accountable. David is very nice always asking me if I am ok. Marisa does great things for me too. Ally is always asking how am I doing.
— Anonymous
API has been a huge support system for me.
— Anonymous
Just thank API for their support.
— Anonymous
I think this is a fantastic program and more than meets my needs.
— Anonymous
I feel very safe here
— Anonymous
Keep on caring!
— Anonymous

Other Patient Feedback


Patient Feedback: We welcome your comments and suggestions about what we can do differently to improve.

I was treated outstanding from the moment I admitted to the hospital upstairs, throughout my tx, and throughout IOP as well. Your customer service exceeds that of Nordstrom or some 5 star hotels I have stayed in. You are all very professional and I can’t enough about how well I was treated.
— Anonymous
Everything you guys have done has been extremely helpful.
— Anonymous
A great program. Keep Reid around awhile
— CT
Not a thing. You guys are great.
— Anonymous
I love the 45 minute groups with 15 minute breaks in between. I think this place is great.
— Carole S.
The staff is welcoming. The food is good, and there is a lot of respect from everyone I have encountered.
— Kurt
I really think the whole staff is friendly, helpful, caring, and resourceful.
— Kayla D.