Testimonials and Feedback from Alvarado Parkway Institute Patients and Alumni

A group of our alumni agreed to share their inspirational stories and how Alvarado Parkway Institute helped them along their journey to recovery. We couldn't be more proud!

What El Cajon Patients & Alumni are Saying About Alvarado Parkway Institute's Outpatient Services Program


Patient Feedback:  We welcome your comments and suggestions about what we can do differently to improve.

API has helped me so much in so many different aspects of my life – AND – I have practiced them throughout my life.
— Jeffrey R.
This program has progressed since the last time I was here.
— Jamilyn G.
This program is truly helpful and positive and we get treated by the staff very well.
— Anonymous
I think API has improved tremendously over this past year. Thank you!
— Laura K.
The mental health workers are very helpful.
— Nancy S.
The program is good meets my goals that I can come up with and suggestions given to me.
Brittany is # 1 as a treatment coordinator
— Anonymous
Just keep keeping it interesting.
— Kurt T.
MJ is very helpful.
— Anonymous
Brooke has been wonderful and majorly so helpful and awesome for me.
— Anonymous
Do you feel the program provides a safe place to receive care and treatment? Answer – Yes! MJ is a great TC. She really has my back and holds me accountable. David is very nice always asking me if I am ok. Marisa does great things for me too. Ally is always asking how am I doing.
— Anonymous
API has been a huge support system for me.
— Anonymous
Just thank API for their support.
— Anonymous
I think this is a fantastic program and more than meets my needs.
— Anonymous
I feel very safe here
— Anonymous
Keep on caring!
— Anonymous

Other Patient & Alumni Feedback at Alvarado Parkway Institute


Patient Feedback: We welcome your comments and suggestions about what we can do differently to improve.

I was treated outstanding from the moment I admitted to the hospital upstairs, throughout my tx, and throughout IOP as well. Your customer service exceeds that of Nordstrom or some 5 star hotels I have stayed in. You are all very professional and I can’t enough about how well I was treated.
— Anonymous
Everything you guys have done has been extremely helpful.
— Anonymous
The staff is welcoming. The food is good, and there is a lot of respect from everyone I have encountered.
— Kurt
I love the 45 minute groups with 15 minute breaks in between. I think this place is great.
— Carole S.
I really think the whole staff is friendly, helpful, caring, and resourceful.
— Kayla D.
A great program. Keep Reid around awhile.
— CT
I find the staff thorough.
— Anonymous
I feel the employees of API go above and beyond their jobs. I recommend this place to others in need.
— Rebecca C.
Lily is so great. She has a good understanding in what I am going through. I am up and down and feel supported.
— Stephen M.
The treatment coordinators are excellent.
— Anonymous
I feel safe. Thank you!
— Maria V.
Stay the same. You all are well committed. Good lunches!
— Anonymous
It was great that staff kept in touch with me during Thanksgiving.
— Annette S.
Keep up the good work!
— Anonymous
My treatment coordinator is really nice and helpful.
— Anonymous
The staff are awesome. Also, I feel more confident and at peace when I leave here.
— Micah
All the groups are helpful. Keith and Jasmine have done a great job.
— Sharilyn C.