Outpatient Services at Alvarado Parkway Institute

For patients who don’t require the rigid structure of a residential program, Alvarado Parkway Institute offers outpatient mental health treatment. Outpatient treatment allows people to participate in a wide variety of medical, psychological, and educational services, all while living in their own homes.

Our outpatient program is designed for individuals with mild to moderate symptoms, who have strong support systems, and who are able to function independently. The flexibility of an outpatient setting enables patients to apply lessons and strategies learned in treatment immediately in their everyday lives.

Outpatient Mental Health Services

Each patient receives their own unique treatment plan, customized and designed according to their individual needs and goals. Our comprehensive outpatient program includes the following services:

  • Individual Therapy. During one-on-one sessions, patients address their problematic symptoms, thoughts, and feelings with a trained and experienced therapist. The goal is to work toward solutions by identifying triggers, overcoming fears, and creating new processes to replace negative behaviors and thought patterns.

  • Group Counseling. Group counseling is an important part of any outpatient treatment program. Sharing experiences with other patients in a safe, supportive environment helps to develop communication skills, establish healthy social norms, and allows a space to practice new strategies and behaviors. Regular meetings also lend a sense of structure and order to what may otherwise be a challenging and tumultuous time in a patient’s life.

  • Medication Management. Many patients who seek treatment for mental health issues will benefit from medication used in conjunction with psychotherapy. However, it can often take time to find the most effective course of medication. Our doctors and therapists can help monitor symptoms, watch for side effects, and make adjustments to medication to ensure a successful outcome.

  • Education. Learning about mental health is key to an effective and long-lasting recovery. In our outpatient programs, patients are taught how to recognize and manage their symptoms; how to cope with difficulties and roadblocks while reclaiming their health; how to deal with stress and navigate high-risk situations; and how to care for their minds, bodies, and spirits.

  • Continuing Care. After the initial course of treatment is complete, a maintenance plan must be put in place to minimize the chances of a relapse. To help patients achieve their long-term mental health goals, we offer ongoing support groups to provide guidance and connections as they begin their lives anew.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Many individuals who struggle with mental illness are also dealing with an addictive disorder. Substance abuse can exacerbate the symptoms of an existing mental health condition and is often used as a method of self-medication. Patients who have received a dual diagnosis of mental illness with a cooccurring substance abuse disorder require specific treatments to simultaneously address both conditions. Alvarado Parkway Institute has extensive experience treating patients with dual diagnosis and can tailor both inpatient and outpatient services to a patient’s unique requirements.

Is outpatient mental health treatment right for me?

Our team of caring and compassionate staff members can perform a full assessment to determine whether you might benefit from outpatient mental health treatment. To find out more about how our program can help you, please call us at (619) 485-1432