The outpatient programs at Alvarado Parkway Institute provide stabilization and support for individuals struggling to manage the symptoms of a mental illness or co-occurring addictive disorder. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a step down for those who no longer require the intensity of our partial hospitalization program (PHP). Through working as a team with our staff, patients will learn the life skills and strategies they need to rebuild their personal lives, establish a foundation for long-term recovery, and maintain a high level of functioning. 

Our intensive outpatient program is also accessible to those who do not need to be hospitalized, as determined by an initial assessment, but require a higher level of care than our traditional outpatient services provide.  

What is an Outpatient Program?

An outpatient program enables people in recovery for a mental illness or co-occurring addictive disorder to continue therapy following residential care. It can also be used to help patients having difficulty managing their symptoms avoid hospitalization. 

Outpatient programs share similarities with inpatient and partial hospitalization programs in respect to service and effectiveness. However, they offer participants the freedom to maintain regular commitments to work, family, and school. This structure allows patients to apply the skills and coping strategies they’re learning in therapy to their everyday lives. 

At Alvarado Parkway Institute, IOP is a step up from traditional outpatient services. It’s a three-hour program available Monday through Friday that offers additional support and structure for at-risk individuals. Patients are typically referred to IOP when they have a demonstrated pattern of relapse or if they lack the support system required to voluntarily abstain from drugs or alcohol at home.  

Intensive Outpatient Treatment in San Diego

Following an initial evaluation, our specialized treatment team begins building a customized plan of care for each IOP patient. Our physicians, therapists, and auxiliary staff carefully consider the psychiatric diagnosis and/or addictive disorder of each patient, as well as his or her developmental functioning, family involvement, and behavioral needs. Specifically, we use the following outpatient services and strategies to provide structure and support to individuals struggling with a mental illness or co-occurring addictive disorder:

  • Involvement in individual, group, and family therapy

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy to prevent relapse

  • Emotional regulation to enhance long-term wellbeing

  • Practicing effective communication

  • Building healthy relationships

  • Identifying triggers and learning how to deal with them

  • Finding healthy ways to reduce stress

  • Learning how to manage urges and cravings

  • Learning coping skills and healthy behaviors

As a patient’s symptoms and level of functioning improve, our staff will work to decrease his or her time in IOP. Once stabilization has been achieved, we will facilitate the transition into a traditional outpatient program or to the care of outside providers. 

For more information on Alvarado Parkway Institute’s intensive outpatient treatment program, please call us at (619) 667-6125.