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Inpatient Services at Alvarado Parkway Institute

The inpatient program at Alvarado Parkway Institute provides highly structured mental health care for patients with significant risk factors and severe psychiatric symptoms. Each patient receives an individualized plan of care with an emphasis on rapid stabilization, understanding the signs of mental illness, community re-integration, and discharge planning. Inpatient treatment is led by a psychiatrist and carried out by a team of skilled clinicians who work together to provide a therapy program that will lead to a successful recovery.

What is inpatient care?

Inpatient care is designed for individuals who struggle with severe symptoms of mental illness or addictive disorders. At Alvarado Parkway Institute, our team of licensed therapists and nurses provide around-the-clock care until patients are stable and no longer pose a risk to themselves or others. This intensive level of treatment allows patients to focus on their recovery in a safe, controlled environment without exposure to outside influences. Patients enrolled in inpatient care participate in individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, medication management, and other evidenced based treatments to help them achieve stability and avoid re-hospitalization.

Who requires inpatient care?

Inpatient mental health care is typically recommended for individuals who:

  • Are suicidal or pose a danger to themselves
  • Exhibit aggressive or threatening behavior to others
  • Require constant monitoring by mental health professionals
  • Remain unable to manage symptoms through outpatient care alone
  • Experience hallucinations and delusions
  • Need extensive help with medication management
  • Neglect to eat or take care of themselves
  • Experience out-of-control thoughts or feelings

Many individuals with mental illness or a substance abuse disorder are admitted to inpatient care when less intensive outpatient therapies haven’t improved their condition. Other patients are referred by our mental health professionals or by the emergency room. The goal of inpatient services is to stabilize patients so they can start rebuilding the coping skills they need to live a healthy, balanced life.

Inpatient services

Our inpatient services program is customizable to help each patient achieve stabilization, alleviate the symptoms of mental illness, and prepare for re-integration. At Alvarado Parkway Institute, patients may receive any combination of the following services to help them accomplish treatment goals and avoid relapse and re-hospitalization:

  • Psychiatric assessment
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Group psychotherapy
  • Family psychotherapy
  • Medication monitoring
  • Trigger identification
  • Stress management
  • Patient education
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Detoxification
  • Continuing care program
  • Relapse prevention
  • Relaxation training

Once a patient has stabilized and accomplished his or her treatment goals, we may refer him or her to our partial hospitalization program (PHP). In PHP, patients continue to receive daytime structure and support from our medical staff but return home in the evenings to be with friends and family. Ultimately, patients who succeed in PHP will transition to our intensive outpatient program and then into the care of outside providers.

 For more information about Alvarado Parkway Institute’s inpatient services program, please call us at (619) 667-6125.