happy adults getting mental health and addiction treatment 

At Alvarado Parkway Institute, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to treatment for addictive disorders and mental health issues. Each patient in our care comes to us from a different background and with a unique set of needs. We set ourselves apart from other providers by developing individualized treatment plans that are structured and therapeutic, yet adaptable enough to evolve as our patients grow and change throughout recovery.

Whether you or a loved one requires the intensive support of our inpatient program or the flexibility of outpatient treatment, you can expect the same exceptional level of care from our compassionate team.

How We Treat Addictive Disorders

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious disease, but it is treatable. At Alvarado Parkway Institute, our addictive disorder programs we address both the physical dependence on drugs or alcohol and the emotional issues that fuel addictive disorders and behaviors to help patients achieve long lasting sobriety. When appropriate, we start with medical intervention at our facility in La Mesa, where a team of doctors and nurses oversee the detoxification process and provide around-the-clock care to help patients manage the symptoms of withdrawal. 

Once a patient has stabilized, he or she will begin a tailored inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation program focused on psychotherapy, medication management, relapse prevention, and community reintegration. However, treatment doesn’t end when patients leave our facility. Because sobriety is a daily effort for patients recovering from an addictive disorder, we offer an after-care program where alumni are encouraged to come share their experiences and receive ongoing support from our staff in a group setting. 

Our Choose Recovery Program is an effective starting point for individuals who are ready to make a positive change. 

How We Treat Mental Health 

The stigma associated with mental illness prevents many individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and psychosis from seeking help. At Alvarado Parkway Institute, our mental health program offers patients who are silently suffering from these conditions the opportunity to receive the treatment they need in a safe, compassionate space. Upon arrival at our facility, patients undergo an initial psychiatric assessment to determine the appropriate level of care. Then, our psychiatrist works to develop a customized therapy plan tailored to each patient’s individual needs, challenges, and goals. 

Our mental health programs use a combination of medication, psychotherapy, trigger identification, coping methods, stress management, support groups, and other therapeutic strategies to educate patients on their conditions and empower them to pursue functional, happy lives. In fact, we begin planning for discharge as soon as a patient enters our care. Once a patient has stabilized and accomplished his or her treatment goals, our staff eases the transition into an outpatient program and helps coordinate ongoing care with outside providers.

At Alvarado Parkway Institute, we believe that recovery from addictive disorders and mental illness is possible. However, it is a lifelong process that requires an ongoing commitment. With a focus on cognitive behavioral therapy, relapse prevention, patient education, and after-care programming, our goal is to empower our patients to achieve stability and develop the coping skills they need for a brighter future.For more information about Alvarado Parkway Institute and our treatment programs, please call us at (619) 667-6125.