What is a Chemical Dependency Assessment?

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One of the most important first steps of overcoming alcoholism or drug addiction is determining which type of treatment will work best. The type of addiction treatment chosen will depend on a variety of factors, including the age and personality of the individual, how long they have been addicted, and their level of dependency on drugs or alcohol. A great tool for helping determine the best treatment type is a chemical dependency assessment.

What is Chemical Dependency?

Chemical dependency is when an individual is reliant on drugs or alcohol to go about their everyday life. The dependency becomes both mental and physical, and without getting a hold of the substance they are dependent on, the individual simply cannot function.

What is a Chemical Dependency Assessment?

A chemical dependency assessment is the first step used to determine the correct addiction treatment for an individual. Performed by a licensed alcohol and drug addiction counselor, the evaluation works to determine the level of dependency on a substance for an individual based on their drug and alcohol use. This multi-step process is performed at any qualified treatment center to determine the best course of action to treat the addiction, depending on the severity of their habit.

What are the Components of a Chemical Dependency Assessment?

A chemical dependency assessment consists of three separate steps, all performed by a licensed drug and alcohol counselor. Here are the three primary components of a chemical dependency assessment:

  • Background Information

The first step is asking the patient to fill out a form that features their background information, including their medical history. This step allows an addiction counselor to quickly understand the baseline of information needed to fully understand a patient’s needs.

  • Personal Interview

Once all background information has been filled out, the next step is a personal interview between the patient and a drug and alcohol counselor. This in-person interview allows the counselor to thoroughly examine the patient’s level of chemical dependency and risk factors. The counselor will ask questions that enable them to determine how much the patient’s addiction controls the way they live their life, and how addiction negatively affects them.

During the interview, the counselor will also ask the patient to share any concerns about their addiction and skepticism about a full recovery. After the interview, the counselor will recommend the level of treatment that should work best for the patient, whether it be no treatment, outpatient treatment or inpatient treatment.

  • Chemical Dependency Assessment Follow-Up

After the interview, the counselor will mail the patient a follow-up letter, featuring all of the details of their chemical dependency assessment. The follow-up letter will also feature any and all treatment recommendations, drawing out a plan for recovery. If the patient so desires, the counselor can also send copies of the chemical dependency assessment to other people.

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