How Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Can Help

Like other mental health and substance use disorders, alcoholism isn’t black and white. There are different stages of the disease that require different levels of care. In the early stage of an alcohol use disorder, a person may drink socially and binge drink occasionally. If the drinking problem isn’t serious and the individual has a stable home environment, he or she may benefit from the flexibility of an outpatient treatment program. However, those who have been struggling with a long-term drinking problem may need to take a break from the distractions of everyday life and receive treatment in a setting with more support. That’s where inpatient alcohol treatment comes in.


What is inpatient alcohol treatment?

If you or a loved one has a moderate to severe alcohol use disorder, inpatient alcohol treatment can help you stop drinking, manage withdrawal symptoms, and get sober. Most patients who enter inpatient alcohol treatment have either tried to stop drinking on their own without success or were unable to achieve sobriety in an outpatient program. Inpatient alcohol treatment requires a patient to check into a rehab facility and stay for the duration of the program where he or she is free from distractions and has access to 24-hour support. The minimum length of inpatient alcohol treatment is typically 30 days, but those with severe addictions may need to stay for several months to achieve stability. alcohol rehabilitation center

How inpatient alcohol treatment can help

Both inpatient and outpatient alcohol treatment are effective at helping those with substance use disorders overcome their addictions and get sober. However, there are a few advantages to inpatient programs that make them the best recovery option for those with severe alcoholism.

  • Managing the withdrawal process

The first step in inpatient alcohol treatment is detoxification. The withdrawal symptoms associated with getting all of the alcohol out of your system are very uncomfortable. Going through detox in inpatient alcohol treatment means your symptoms are monitored around the clock and managed to the point where you can tolerate them with the help of medication.

What’s more, the potential for relapse is very high when you are going through withdrawal. With inpatient alcohol treatment, you have access to immediate professional intervention to address any cravings or emotional or physical symptoms. Inpatient treatment also makes it extremely difficult for you to procure alcohol, which further assists in the recovery process.

  • A built-in support group

Checking into inpatient alcohol treatment means you will sleep, eat, and perform all other daily activities surrounded by other people going through similar issues. When patients form bonds and relationships, they feel less alone in their struggles with alcoholism and find it easier to navigate the road to sobriety.

  • Highly structured programming

Many people with alcohol use disorder often feel hopeless and that their lives are out of control. Enrolling in an inpatient alcohol treatment program that is highly structured helps patients feel safe and comfortable in an environment that encourages sobriety. There is dedicated time each day for meals, activities, therapy, and rest. Inpatient alcohol treatment removes the stress and distractions of work, school, and family life so you can focus on your recovery.

  • A comprehensive approach to treatment

Inpatient alcohol treatment programs are run by an interdisciplinary team of skilled physicians and mental health professionals who can approach a patient’s addiction from different angles. This comprehensive approach means an entire team of medical professionals is available to develop a treatment program tailored to the specific needs of each patient and make adjustments along the way as needed.

Do you have a problem controlling your drinking? Help is available.

Getting sober can be a very hard thing to do alone. The good news is that you don’t have to. At Alvarado Parkway Institute, our inpatient alcohol treatment program helps individuals struggling with alcoholism break free from the cycle of addiction and achieve stability. Once you have successfully completed detoxification, you’ll work with our licensed therapists to identify triggers, manage stress, and learn coping skills to help decrease your risk of relapse. Call us today to learn more about our inpatient alcohol treatment program at (619) 485-1432.