What Are The 13 Symptoms Of PTSD?

It is impossible to imagine how difficult it can be to cope with reality after going through trauma. Whether it is a veteran, police officer, firefighter, or just an average Joe who had a very bad day, the psychological damage of witnessing and being a part of a traumatic event can be devastating. Called PTSD, the effects manifest themselves through a number of different symptoms, varying drastically from person to person. Below you can find 13 of the most prominent symptoms of PTSD.

1. Recurring Nightmare

You are cursed to relive your traumatic experience over and over through recurring nightmares. These intense and realistic nightmares can make it difficult to ever put the incident behind you.

2. Difficulty Falling Asleep or Staying Asleep

Partially because of the fear of nightmares, you may have difficulty falling asleep. Once asleep, you can find yourself waking up often and unable to get a full night of sleep.

3. Difficulty Concentrating

You can have a hard time concentrating on any one thing at once, even something as simple as everyday tasks.

4. Easily Startled

Even if you used to be a serene and calm person you may now find yourself constantly jumpy, with even the smallest disturbance startling you.

5. Irritability and Irrational Anger

You are constantly lashing out in anger at those around over the most minor issues, a result of your increased irritability.

6. Losing Interests in Activities You Used to Enjoy

Suddenly activities that you used to enjoy or were important to you no longer have any significance, and as result you refuse to participate.

7. Frequently Reliving the Traumatic Event

Even if you try to push the event to the back of your head, PTSD will cause you to constantly relive the traumatic event.

8. Experiencing Flashbacks

While reliving the event can be disturbing enough, flashbacks can be terrifying. A flashback is when you feel and act as if the traumatic event is currently occurring.

9. Avoiding People and Places That Remind You Of Your Trauma

You may find yourself unable to look at people or travel to places that remind you of your traumatic event. This can be something as simple as a person or place having a smell or sound that reminds you of the traumatic event.

10. Feeling Distance From Others

After experiencing a traumatic event, you may feel as if you cannot relate to anyone else and that nobody could possibly understand you.

11. A Physical Response When Reminded of the Traumatic Event

If you are somehow reminded of the traumatic event, not only will you have a psychological response, but your body will also have a physical response. This can be felt with a rise in heart rate and a sudden outbreak of sweat.

12. Busying Yourself to Avoid Thinking of Trauma

The burden of your past trauma may cause you to bury yourself in tasks and work, hoping to busy yourself to the point that you can avoid ever thinking about your traumatic event.

13. Unable to Feel Happiness or Love

The emotional turmoil of PTSD and the distance you feel from others can make it difficult to feel happiness or love again.

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