Do you struggle with alcohol addiction and alcohol abuse? If so, the team at Alvarado Parkway Institute in San Diego can help. We offer alcohol rehabilitation services at our alcohol rehab center, helping you free yourself from the perilous clutch of alcoholism. Start your journey to sobriety by giving us a call at (619) 667-6125.

Alcohol Treatment Center in San Diego

Alvarado Parkway Institute is a full-service alcohol treatment center and rehab facility, doing anything and everything possible to help individuals in San Diego stop drinking alcohol and get sober. We offer both inpatient and outpatient alcohol rehab services, catering our services to uniquely fit each individual.

Inpatient alcohol treatment is the traditional “alcohol rehab” where you check into our alcohol treatment center for an extended stay. You will stay and sleep at the alcohol rehab center, providing you with 24/7 treatment.

Treatment for Alcoholism

Treatment for alcoholism at Alvarado Parkway Institute is a multiple step process, as we do everything possible to help you overcome your alcohol addiction. Here are a few of the treatment methods we use for alcohol rehab in San Diego.


The first step to recovery is to get all of the alcohol out of your system. That is why we begin with a detoxification program. This step can oftentimes be very difficult, as withdrawal symptoms can be intense.

Family Therapy

Alcoholism does not just hurt you. The repercussions of your addiction can be felt by your family, and that is why we offer family therapy. Family therapy works to repair your relationships and build a stronger bond with your family.

Individual Psychotherapy

One of the most important steps in overcoming alcohol addiction is recognizing why you drink and what triggers your addiction. Individual psychotherapy at an alcohol treatment center explores these topics in depth, helping you overcome your addiction.

Intensive Group Therapy

Group therapy will put you in a large group with other individuals who struggle with alcoholism. This setting will allow you to hear other people’s stories and provides a supportive and encouraging environment full of people going through the same struggle you are going through.

Aftercare Planning

Once you leave our San Diego alcohol rehab center, the real battle begins. We provide you with a plan to avoid the temptation of falling back into the throes of alcoholism, giving you the support and structure you need to succeed.

Alcohol Rehab in San Diego at Alvarado Parkway Institute

Alvarado Parkway Institute has been providing alcohol treatment and alcohol rehab services for over 35 years, becoming the leading alcohol rehab center in San Diego. If you struggle with alcohol and are seeking help, contact Alvarado Parkway Institute today. Give us a call at (619) 667-6125.